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My Third Year Short Film. All of his life Theodor Clayton has had UFO's crashing onto his lawn. Theodor buries the aliens found in the debris of these UFO's in a graveyard he has built up over the years. One evening Theodor is sitting at home reading, when unsurprisingly a UFO crashes... But this time all is not what it seems.


Fayre Fortune




My Second Year Short Film following the spooky adventure Diana Guyver embarks on when she leaves war stricken London behind and enters another world through a fair poster at the end of an alley way. 


It Came From Space




A very short animation about an astronauts misfortune in space. This was done as part of a Performance/After Effects project for my third year at the University Of South Wales. The brief was to create a piece of performance animation and then take it into After Effects.






This is my final animation for my Second Year Minor Project at University. I designed built and animated a character based around a sound clip I was randomly given, mine being "Dumber" from Dumb and Dumber.




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